Autumn Collection 2019

A unique collection of Japanese and Chinese works of art collected after a busy summer and autumn of travelling.

1. Cast Silvered Bronze Model of a Scops Owl
2. Embroidered Silk Four Panel Screen
3. Fine Export Lacquer Cabinet
4. Ink and Colour Christian Print on Paper
5. Carved Wooden Figure of Guanyin
6. Low Wooden Table with Rich Patina
7. Haung Huali Wooden Brush Pot
8. Haung Huali Wooden Brush Pot
9. Pair of Reverse Glass Paintings
10. Bulbous Body Decorated Silver Vase
11. Painted 4m Reptile Scroll
12. Five Shanghai 1930's Photographs
13. Gentleman Gouache Portrait Painting
14. Campaign Chest in Solid Padauk
15. Scholar's Vessel from Ming Period
16. Embroidered Altar Cover
17. Pair of Tea Trade Gouache Paintings
18. Pair of Watercolours, St. Petersburg
19. Boxwood Netsuke Coiled Snake
21. Bronze Thai Head
22. Pair of Chinese Gilt Metal Mounted Mother of Pearl Boxes and Covers
23. Pair of Gouache Landscape Paintings
24. Very Rare Yellow Satin Brocade Tibetan Chuba
25. North African Marble Tomb Stone
26. Hosai Masahiro Fish Netsuke
28. Cloisonne Enamel Box
29. Chinese Silver Filigree Enamel Fan
30. Decorated Enamel Dish
31. Lotus Bronze Jardiniere
32. Flying Squirrel Carved Model
33. Decorated Chinese Carpet
34. Silver Cigarette Case
35. Komai Cigarette Box
36. China Trade Silver Ice Bucket
37. Tourmaline Pebble Carving
38. Kutani 14 Piece Dining Set
39. Elegant Bronze Flower Vase
40. Chinese Silver Snuff Box