Winter Collection 2018

A group of small highly decorative Chinese and Japanese charming boxes, enamels and works of art acquired from one private collection.

1. Ruby Red Enamel and Silver Box
2. Miniature Green Ground Cloisonne Enamel Vase
3. Blue Ground Silver Wire Cloisonne Enamel Vase
4. Chinese Bronze Censer
5. Japanese Silver Tea Caddy
6. Red Glass Snuff Bottle
7. Pair of Lac Burgaute Bowls
8. Miniature Cloisonne Enamel Box
9. Pair of Carved Glass Foo Dogs
10. Pair of Decorated Canton Enamel Cups
11. Carved Bamboo Box in the form of a Large Ruyi Head
12. Carved Boxwood Turtle Inro
13. Articulated Iron Model of a Praying Mantis
14. Articulated Silvered Bronze Crayfish
15. Very Fine Cloisonne Vase and Cover
16. Pair of Gilt Copper Hexagonal Lanterns
17. Rounded Rectangular Two-part Gilt Bronze Buckle
18. Pair of Korean Rank Badges
19. Reverse Glass Painting of Elegant Han Couple
20. Large Pair of Chinese Export Reverse Glass Paintings
21. Chinese Export Reverse Glass Painting depicting a Group of Precious Objects
22. Chinese Export Reverse Glass Painting of Mandarin seated in a Boat
23. Chinese Export Reverse Glass Landscape Painting
24. Painted Enamel Rectangular Tray
25. Group of Painted Watercolours on Paper, Depicting Beauties
26. Mickey Mouse Glass Scent Bottle
27. Large Natural Gourd Wine Carrier
28. Large Yellow Ground Silk Cushion Cover
29. Silver Ground Lac Burgaute Bowl
30. Carved Bamboo Figure of the Immortal Liu Hai
32. Large Silver Punch Bowl with a British Royal Crest
33. Soapstone Model of a Recumbent Horse
34. Carved Pair of Rabbits Amongst Foliage
35. Carved Small Table Brush Rest
36. Watercolour Scroll Depicting Palace Buildings and Pagodas
37. Circular Censer with Buddhist Lion Head Handles
38. Carved Celadon Jade Pendant
39. Fully Open Lotus Bronze Jardiniere
40. Standing Buddha Marble Figure
41. Canton Gilt Bronze Mirror
42. Starfish Pewter Model
43. Wooden Sculpture of Lotus Pads
44. Sedan Chair with a Rectangular Tin Roof