12. Christian Print

An ink and colour print on paper of a crucifixion scene based on European imagery. The European bearded man on the left wears a jijin on his head, and Catholic Church vestments.  The jijin was the headdress for  high-ranking Catholic officials in 19th to early 20th century China.  The figure on the right is the Ming period Chinese scholar, Paul Xu, who converted to Catholicism, and was a friend of Matteo Ricci.

Chinese texts: The four large characters at the top can be translated as: Shizi chongdong (Blessings of the Cross).

Shizi also means “ten characters,” and refers to the 10 character in the rectangular cartouches that appear on the left and right borders of the print.

Condition: excellent, framed behind glass, the colours are unfaded.

Origin: Shanghai, China, the print workshop of the Tushanwan Orphanage, founded by Jesuit missionaries in 1864. 

China.  Prior to 1884.

Size:  49 x 25” (125 x 63 cm)


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