13. Father and Son

A rare watercolour depicting the busts of two gentlemen, of similar appearance.

The inscription reads: “On the 11th February 1854 a ship from North America appeared in the Bay of Kanagawa in Japan. Early in March that same year the ship arrived at Yokohama bay”

Father and Son – Henry A Adams (1800-1869) who was 50 years old (sic. He was 53 years old in fact), and his son Henry A Adams Jr. (1833-1878) who was 18 years old then – arrived in Japan.

This portrait of father and son is painted by a Kano School painter when they met Hayashi Akira (1800-1859) who held the position of Hayashi Daigaku-no-kami.

Henry A Adams (1800-1869) was Commodore Matthew Perry’s deputy and Captain of the Fleet, during Perry’s expedition to Japan. 

Now mounted as a scroll.

40cm x 27cm. 
Japan 19th Century.

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