Exhibition 2009

85. Corner Stone
China. 7th / 8th century (Sui/Tang dynasties)
8" x 9" x 5" - 21.5cm x 24cm x12.5cm

An extremely rare white marble fragment,
decorated with two carved roundels of naturalistic
human faces, each with a smiling countenance. The
faces within a carved pearl beaded circle.

Note: Comparable motifs found on a pottery flask,
sold at Sotheby's in June 1992.
This unusual design of a smiling round human face
enclosed within a carved pearl beaded border, was
frequently used on stone coffins in the Sui Dynasty
(6th century), and are closely reminiscent of motifs
on vessels of the Northern Qi or Sui dynasties.
Similar motifs found on a ewer and stem-cup in the
Meiyintang Collection.

This exhibit has been sold.

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